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In-depth classes that give you the knowledge you need to make your dream a reality. You have a vision to tell, these classes give you the understanding and road map to bring the important things you have to share into the world. Seriously. What are you waiting for?

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Film Directing For Actors Introduction & Advanced

After hundreds and hundreds of auditions and waiting for that perfect role to come along, that still, small voice inside your head, that says “And, I also want to direct” finally is ready for its close-up.


In this series of classes, you’ll learn what you need to take the bold step into creating your own work to showcase yourself as an actor and director or make that film that’s inside you waiting to come out.


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Crowdfunding for Filmakers

Face it, filmmaking takes money. You can be born rich, convince a studio to fund your film or do what so many indie-movies try to do - raise the money by crowdfunding. But it's not as easy as it looks. Less than 70% of all crowdfunding for films fails to reach their goal.


While there are many excellent resources for crowdfunding out there - almost all of them are focused on raising money for products and merchandise - and not on how to raise money for a film - which is an entirely different process. In this in-depth class, we look at how my film Awaken raised over $145,000 during the Covid lockdown. 

Class Available in August 2022

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HFC - DIProd brands-people-br2HgQuvq6I-unsplash.jpg

Advanced Production Classes for Directors

This is the class series YOU have been waiting for! How many times do directors sit in budget meetings or scheduling meetings and nod blankly at what the line producer or assistant directors is explaining, unable to fully participate, because they can't "read" a budget or schedule, or don't know how to prep their movie? 


In this in-depth series of classes, I will guide you through the critical aspects that directors need to understand when discussing budgeting, scheduling, pre-production, the role on set and what happens in post-production, and how you prepare for it. 

Class Available in August 2022

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