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I offer professional consulting and coaching services to passionate filmmakers motivated to have their stories in the world. We need to be telling better stories to make a better world. We need stories from new and diverse voices.


Filmmaking is complex, with many layers contributing to the film's success. Therefore, I take a holistic approach when thinking about making movies. It's not just the script or the budget or the team. But all of them together. Understanding the interrelationship of all these elements is your key to success. 

Every time I have hired a coach or consultant, my life has moved forward exponentially. Isn't it time you invested in yourself the same way?

New to The Hollywood Film Coach? I'll make your decision easy for you. I've taken all the risk out of it. For our first session, I offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If you don't feel our hour together gave you better clarity and significantly more insight than when we started, I'll refund your money. No questions asked. I've even discounted the hourly rate. 

So, what is stopping you? If something is, take some time to look at why.

Introductory hour

This is the one-hour introductory session I mentioned above. Yes, it comes with the guarantee I spoke about.


Click below to book a time.

I look forward to our conversation.

Regular 1 hour

Regular clients book our ongoing sessions here. But you already know that. 

Click below to book a time. You already know that too.

Deep Dive 3 hour

This is for a more in-depth conversation where we can explore what you are working on in a more profound and nuanced manner than afforded within the hour-long format. 

I've discounted the three-hour session rate from the individual hourly rates because you are making a real commitment to yourself here. And that's an exciting thing that I want to recognize and honor. 


Like what you see? Get in touch to learn more.

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